OUR MISSION: CCMM inspires understanding and respect for cultural diversity by exploring global arts and artifacts.

With educational programming that enhances classroom curriculum and a comprehensive collection of more than 3,000 artifacts from more than 75 countries, CCMM encourages students to learn about the historic and contemporary customs of their own families, their classmates, and the world.


  • Increase understanding and respect for cultural diversity
  • Develop students’ cultural competence
  • Support and enhance classroom learning


Ignorance of cultural diversity can lead to misunderstanding and fear.
CCMM helps students understand the diversity in their own world so they can begin to appreciate themselves as participants in a global community.

I will definitely try to get people to learn more about other cultures before judging them. If you look at it closely, we are all the same but in different ways.

– Annie B., Student
Millikan Middle School


Watch the video below and learn how we bring the world to students in their own schools. See how CCMM introduces students to the sound, taste, sight, smell, and feel of other cultures.

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Artifact in Focus: Jebena Coffee Pot
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The Importance of Diversity
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