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A unique educational program that bridges the gap between students’ diverse backgrounds, teaching lessons of acceptance and respect.


Connecting Cultures Mobile Museum (CCMM) is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization working to foster cultural awareness, understanding, and acceptance in LA youth. CCMM brings a unique cross-cultural museum experience directly into schools, focusing primarily on middle school-age students at Title 1-funded, low income schools.
However, we understand that students, whether from affluent or disadvantaged backgrounds, often have limited contact with cultures outside their own communities. This is why, since 1995, CCMM has been offering unique educational resources and programs to schools regardless of location or student population. CCMM reaches between 16,000 and 20,000 students each year!

CCMM helps bridge the gap between students’ diverse backgrounds, teaching lessons of acceptance and respect.

CCMM has three main objectives:

  • to increase understanding and respect for cultural diversity
  • to develop students’ cultural competence
  • to support and enhance classroom learning

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donateYour tax-deductible donation helps students see the world…without a passport.Every donation helps provide an unparalleled cross-cultural experience, inspiring students to explore diversity and discover similarity.

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volunteerWant to be a part of the CCMM team? We’re looking for volunteers to help us install our exhibition, work with students, and more.

If you are a retired teacher, librarian, or just someone with a passion for world culture, get in touch to see how you can get involved.
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register2Interested in having CCMM bring a collection to your school?

Learn more about how we can bring this unique cross-cultural experience to your students. Please be aware that we do our best to work with as many schools as possible.

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[The students] see things that are important and meaningful to them and that makes them eager to learn.
– Blair Carrol, Librarian,
Millikan Middle School