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Connecting Cultures Mobile Museum reaches schools in communities throughout the Los Angeles area.



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I really think that it was great for you to come to our school and make us learn more about other places. I think you should go to all schools and teach them about how we are all alike.
– Symone S., Student,
Audubon Middle School

Connecting Cultures Mobile Museum reaches communities throughout the Los Angeles area, and is committed to enriching the educational experience of as many students as possible. CCMM primarily brings its Mobile Museum to middle school students at Title 1-funded, low-income schools, but has brought its program to high schools, elementary schools, and private schools when possible.

2019-2020 Schedule *

  • August 15-22: Vaughn Charter Middle School (Commercial Connections)
  • September 9-16: John Adams Middle School (Commercial Connections)
  • September 11-25: Gaspar de Portola Middle School (Everyday Connections)
  • September 24-October 1: Mark Twain Middle School (Commercial Connections)
  • October 2-16: Dodson Middle School (Everyday Connections)
  • October 7-11: Pio Pico Middle School (Commercial Connections)
  • October 17-31: Millikan Middle School (Commercial Connections)
  • October 23-28: Para los Ninos Charter Middle School (Everyday Connections)
  • November 1-7: John Adams Middle School (SMMUSD) (Everyday Connections)
  • November 8-20: Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools (Commercial Connections)
    • Ambassador School of Global Leadership
    • Los Angeles High School of the Arts
    • New Open World Academy
    • School for the Visual Arts and Humanities
    • UCLA Community Schools
  • November 19-December 3: John A. Sutter Middle School (Everyday Connections)
  • December 4-18: San Fernando Middle School and San Fernando Institute for Applied Media (Commercial Connections)
  • January 15-22: Marina Del Rey Middle School (Commercial Connections)
  • January 29-February 12: Walter Reed Charter Middle School (Everyday Connections)
  • February 3-5: Audubon Middle School (Commercial Connections)
  • February 11-24: Alfred Bernhard Nobel Middle School (Commercial Connections)
  • February 21-March 2: Lincoln Middle School (SMMUSD) (Everyday Connections)
  • March 9-18 (pending): Paul Revere Middle School (Everyday Connections)
  • March 19-30: Palms Middle School (Commercial Connections)
  • March 31-April 16 (pending): Fleming Middle School (Everyday Connections)
  • April 15-22 (pending): Orville Wright Middle School and WISH Charter Elementary School (Commercial Connections)
  • April 23-30 (pending): Johnnie L. Cochran Jr. Middle School (Everyday Connections)
  • May 7-15 (pending): John Muir Middle School (BUSD) (Everyday Connections)
  • May 22-29: Daniel Webster Middle School (Commercial Connections)

* Please note that students visit CCMM only on weekdays and that CCMM’s schedule is subject to change. This list is only inclusive of days that CCMM welcomes student visitors and does not include days used to install and remove the exhibition, nor does it denote other days that school is not in session. Please contact CCMM to arrange visiting its collections at one of these schools.

Understanding that students, whether from affluent or disadvantaged backgrounds, often have limited contact with cultures outside their own communities, CCMM aims to provide all students with the opportunity to explore the similarities and differences between the traditions, practices, and artifacts of diverse ethnic backgrounds.

When able to coordinate it with the school, CCMM offers “Community Nights,” staying open after school hours for the schools’ parents, family, and community members. In this way, CCMM enriches the entire community and provides students with an opportunity to be docents for their families.

Interested in having CCMM bring a collection to your school? Click here to learn more about bringing the CCMM cross-cultural experience to your students.