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Provide the essential support to help every child see the world.

Your donations provide essential support.

Every year, CCMM reaches thousands of students with its message that different is not wrong.

This year, nearly 20,000 students from across Los Angeles will participate in CCMM’s enriching museum experience with objects from around the world–completely free of charge.

Make it possible for more students to benefit from CCMM’s valuable program tomorrow by donating to CCMM today.

Donate by credit card, or send a check to CCMM!


Invest in Education

CCMM brings student learning to life, enabling them literally to hold pieces of world culture in their hands. Your support will allow more students to experience CCMM, empowering them to challenge limited world views that can lead to bias and misunderstanding.
Suggested donation: $25

Foster Self-Worth

When students feel their backgrounds are appreciated, they are more likely to accept and respect those of others.
Your support will help students see their own cultures represented and validated, boosting their sense of self-worth.

Suggested donation: $50

Inspire Mutual Respect

CCMM develops students’ respect for, and eventual acceptance of, members of their own city as well as the people of the world. Your support will help CCMM teach students that we come from a place more similar than different.

Suggested donation: $100

Broaden Our Community

Students must be aware of the ways in which people of the world are connected by the commonality of their individual human needs. Help CCMM create new participants in the global community who appreciate the variety of cultures and traditions in the world.
Suggested donation: $250-500


donateYour tax-deductible donation helps students see the world…without a passport.Every donation helps provide an unparalleled cross-cultural experience, inspiring students to explore diversity and discover similarity.Help CCMM reach more students. Give Today >>


volunteerWant to be a part of the CCMM team? We’re looking for volunteers to help us install our exhibition, work with students, and more.If you are a retired teacher, librarian, or just someone with a passion for world culture, get in touch to see how you can get involved.
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register2Interested in having CCMM bring a collection to your school?

Learn more about how we can bring this unique cross-cultural experience to your students. Please be aware that we do our best to work with as many schools as possible.

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I’ve seen your exhibit three years in a row at Wright Middle School. Now that I’m working at Bethune MS, where students have less opportunities to visit museums, your exhibit would be great!
– Antonio Pierola, Assistant Principal, Bethune Middle School