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Working with Connecting Cultures Mobile Museum is as easy as 1-2-3.

STEP 1: Pre-Visit Planning & Set-Up

CCMM and each participating school’s administration identify a large room on the school’s campus suitable for CCMM’s exhibition. CCMM provides teachers with a description of that year’s rotation and summary of artifacts, and a list of relevant California State Content Standards.

CCMM installs its Mobile Museum exhibition using its own display materials. CCMM tailors each school’s configuration for students’ optimal viewing and participation.

The objects are organized and labeled by function (e.g. cooking utensils or traditional clothing) and by geographical location, inviting cross-cultural comparisons that are often linked to geographical or historical influences.

Step 2: Program Delivery

Students attend the museum with their social science classes during their regularly scheduled class time. Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders see the same one-hour presentation, adjusted for relevant components of the curriculum for the grade level in attendance. The forty-five minute presentation consists of the following:

  • an educator-led description of artifacts of particular student interest with specific curricular relevance and applicability,and that compares and contrasts cultural contexts and available materials, emphasizing similarities in materials or social contexts across cultures
  • hands-on activities which encourage students to pick up and manipulate select artifacts, literally bringing their learning to life
  • optional student participation in the form of presentation worksheets and the opportunity to loan artifacts for display in their school

Students are encouraged to come back during most nutritions and lunches, and, when possible, during Community Nights to which their families and the school’s community members are invited to attend.

Step 3: Repeat

how it works set up at schools
Once the entire student body has participated in our unique program, usually within five to six days, CCMM removes its installation and transports all of the objects and display materials to more students at more schools. The following year, CCMM connects the same schools’ students to the world’s cultures again. And the year after that…

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It is indeed an honor and pleasure to have you and your resources available to us.
– Brenda Nash Bright, Teacher
Audubon Middle School