USC IGM Art Gallery Visit

Earlier this year, we were excited to be visited by the USC Institute for Genetic Medicine Art Gallery (IGM AG) Advisory Council Members at the Lincoln Middle School in Santa Monica. They enjoyed a personal tour of our exhibit from our CCMM Founder and President, Valerie Lezin and Julia Goldman, Executive Director.

During their visit, we discussed the important role CCMM plays in bringing the ability to explore diversity to discover similarity to students in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Valerie Lezin explains the CCMM mission related to Kofi Annan’s call for Citizen Leadership:

Susan Sims-Hillbrand, Co-Chair Exhibition Committee of IGM AG, discusses art as a tool for bringing the diversity of the world together in one place where students can recognize something that relates to them and empowers them to bring the world together:

Read more about their visit here:

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