The Importance of Diversity

In a global world, the need for embracing diversity is critical. Technology and the internet continue to make our ability to connect with others from many different places with different viewpoints easier and faster. We see the impacts much more immediately than in the past. The similarities can also be more transparent.

But we also live in a diverse country. One of many ethnicities, religions, and beliefs. It is in that diversity we can understand the similarities we share. Different, but the same. We all have hopes, dreams, and want the best for our families. This understanding is at the core of our mission.

Through your generous support, last year CCMM visited 27 schools in four districts–Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Burbank, and Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School Districts–including three new schools.

Nearly 20,000 students learned more about themselves and other cultures. More importantly your support provided students with:

  • a cross-cultural museum experience, a first for many of them
  • hands-on interactions with cultural arts and artifacts–a chance to literally walk in someone else’s shoes
  • 5,000 foreign coins and 10,000 foreign treats, earned through exceptional worksheet participation
  • the opportunity to develop greater cultural competence, preparing them for success in future academic and work endeavors in an ever more interconnected global community

Please donate today and help us as we look to inspire as many as 25,000 students at 30 schools in the Greater Los Angeles area this year.

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