Through a Student’s Eyes

Connecting Cultures Mobile Museum serves as a portal to worlds that students may not know exist.

Written by: Jerrell Cockerham

It feels like only yesterday that my 10th grade history teacher, Mr. Mize, told the class to pack our things and head downstairs to the library. What is it this time? I thought to myself; he was always taking us on trips around campus that seemed useful for little more than the physical exercise. But as we entered the library we were met with an explosion of colors –trinkets, instruments, foods, and clothing that we had never seen before, all on display for us to interact with. And that’s just what we did, courtesy of Connecting Cultures Mobile Museum.

When we left the library after an hour of fun exploration, the class was a hum of lively discussion about the things we’d seen (and tasted!). Many of us had learned more about our own cultures and, as a result, came to appreciate them more. Some students were so impressed they even began to consider majoring in fields involving exposure to different people and societies.

Ultimately, CCMM facilitates one of the most enriching and intellectually stimulating events to take place at Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools — at any school — by providing an introduction to the range of cultures across the world in a way that demonstrates that we as a species have more similarities than differences. It is effectively helping to cultivate an inclusive environment for students everywhere.

In low-income neighborhoods where many parents have not been educated beyond high school, it is difficult to properly educate children about the world and the diversity it has to offer. Connecting Cultures combats this in the best way possible: bringing that education directly to the school campuses. I feel incredibly lucky to have been given that experience at RFK.

Jerrell graduated from RFK in May. He will be attending Colorado College, studying in their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) program. “I’m looking forward to going to Budapest for one of the semesters,” he says. Of course he will. CCMM has been serving students at RFK Community Schools since the campus first opened its doors in 2010.

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