Donor Spotlight: Ron & Barbara Goldman

“In our current toxic and polarized environment of ethnic and racial differences, CCMM is an extraordinary program.”

In 2011, when CCMM received its IRS non-profit designation, Ron and Barbara Goldman were on the spot with their support . . . that day.

After visiting CCMM’s program at Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools and witnessing the students’ eager participation, the Goldmans became enthusiastic champions of CCMM. “We have attended five presentations – finding them as enthralling as they are inspirational for the children.”

A highlight for the Goldmans was celebrating Barbara’s and their daughter, Karen’s, collective 119th birthdays with CCMM. “We invited friends and family to Webster Middle School to both experience first-hand CCMM and to have the privilege of a presentation. Adults and children all got into the spirit, giggling with each other while trying on wonderful masks and headpieces; playing instruments from all over the world, and talking to each other about the extraordinary displays.” Barbara wrote, “I was completely enthralled: beautifully documented and easy to understand displays, an incredible variety of objects to look at on the boards and to have fun playing with on the tables; and then the stories that can be shared, all customized to suit the attention span and interest of your group!”

Ron has written letters on CCMM’s behalf to potential donors and broadcast and print journalists. “In our current toxic and polarized environment of ethnic and racial differences, CCMM is an extraordinary program,” Ron wrote, inviting a journalist to visit CCMM. “Seeing the students’ interactions with each other and the artifacts, their enthusiasm and downright glee is absolutely heartwarming.”

Over the years, the Goldmans have traveled extensively throughout the world. Recently, Ron has returned from some of his own trips with some truly fun artifacts to add to CCMM’s collection. For instance, a vendor in the Marrakech souk hit the jackpot when Ron purchased not one, nor two or three, but four spinning tops for the students to play with.

Ron and Barbara are both natives of Los Angeles, attending local public grade schools. Ron earned degrees at Princeton & M.I.T. A Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, Ron has practiced architecture & urban planning for 55 years. His award-winning work includes housing, commercial and retail properties, schools and temples. Now semi-retired from his own development and construction business, Ron is working more than full-time on changing LA’s “street culture” to a “community culture.” He envisions using excess residential side streets to create neighborhood parks within a 5-10 minute walk of every resident. And on weekends, he heads a group of architects advocating responsible development in Santa Monica.

Barbara earned degrees at Berkeley and UCLA. Upon graduating, she was the director of a surrealist art gallery. Later, Barbara created Malibu Art & Design, a retail store and art gallery noted for unique design & product. After selling the store, she worked with the Santa Monica Mountain Conservatory to establish The Streisand Center for Environmental Studies–an environmental research conference center. For the last 25 years, she was the office manager for Ron’s architectural practice. And now she’s retired.

Without our donors, we literally could not do what we do.  Thank you.
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