Meet the Board: Murray Heltzer

It seems all too fitting to introduce you to Murray Heltzer, one of CCMM’s Board of Directors, on International Day of Charity. He has a passion for volunteering and giving back.

Murray Heltzer is a Renaissance Man, with an interest in many things: fine wine, terrific food (he is a self-described “foodie”), good books, the theater, great music, foreign travel, and now CCMM. “I knew about Connecting Cultures through the founding couple and I thought it was an organization of interest. But once I started to volunteer with CCMM and was exposed to what we do for students, I knew I wanted to participate in a more formal way. I knew I could be helpful.”

From installing and packing up the exhibition, correcting student worksheets, photographing objects for the catalog, and doing data entry, Murray has volunteered with CCMM in ways large and small. When asked 2 if he would consider serving on CCMM’s board, he responded, “I was just waiting to be asked!”

Murray has always been a part of the Los Angeles community. He, along with his wife Gail, attended Fairfax High School and UCLA. He graduated from UCLA with a degree in political science, minoring in accounting. He put his minor to work as an executive in the savings and loan industry for 20 years, and then as a consultant to savings and loans, commercial banks and FSLIC for another 10 years. In 1990, Murray turned his attention to the world of law firm administration, working for a LA-based firm for 10 years. Murray completed his career at McDermott, Will and Emery (where he worked with CCMM founder Don Goldman). During his tenure at McDermott, Murray applied his considerable talents to opening the firm’s offices in Germany, England, Italy, and China.

Volunteer work has been an important part of Murray’s life. He is a former board member of the Los Angeles Fair Housing Congress and the San Fernando Valley Fair Housing Council. Since retiring in 2012, he has served on the board for the Therapeutic Learning Center for the Blind. He also volunteers for Center Theater Group and for the Museum of Tolerance.

Murray and Gail have been married since 1964. They have a son, Jay, and a daughter, Dena.

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