Donor Spotlight: Laurie and Larry Soskin

“What do you give your 85-year-old mother for her birthday?” Larry Soskin asked. “She has everything she needs and wants. So we made a donation to CCMM in her honor. She thought it was such a good idea that now she is making donations to CCMM in honor of her friends.”

Larry and Laurie Soskin have found a variety of ways to support CCMM from its very beginning. “What CCMM does is so important. In this age of distrust, and even fear, of peoples’ differences, CCMM provides a vehicle for the student to learn that our similarities outweigh our differences,” Laurie says. In addition to making their own regular annual donation every year, the Soskins have given many contributions as presents to family and friends.

But it’s not all about the money. Laurie offered her expertise as an educator to help craft an evaluation form for students to complete. “Through CCMM’s hands-on approach, students come away with a greater respect for and understanding of our world’s various cultures.” The evaluations can be used to show that increase in knowledge.

And Larry has provided brawn on more than one occasion. Because CCMM is truly a mobile museum, all the display materials must be loaded into a van, unloaded at the school, and reloaded into the van to move to the next school. Larry laughs that he now knows more than he ever wanted to about which schools have stairs to negotiate or elevators to ride.

The Soskins are always on the lookout for people who can donate artifacts to the collection. They have shepherded several doll collections to the museum. They themselves acquire objects for the collection during their travels. Why?

Because, as Larry says, “Education and understanding always trump ignorance and prejudice.”

If you believe in our mission, please consider donating today.

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