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Find out what students and educators think of their Connecting Cultures Mobile Museum experiences.



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Thank you so much for the awesome presentation. I once again enjoyed and learned so much. It is indeed an honor and pleasure to have you and your resources available to us. Thanks again for your tremendous heart and wonderful artifacts.
– Brenda Nash Bright, Teacher,
Audubon Middle School




Testimonials from Educators & Students

Thank you for coming to our school! Your exceptional presentations have a lasting effect on my students and they look forward to your visit every year. The variety of cultural artifacts and cultural subtleties you bring us are truly appreciated.– Richard An, Teacher, Palms Middle School

Going to your exhibit was a life changing experience for me because in a sense it made me be more grateful and proud of my individuality. Seeing all the different cultures is what made me realize it. I also had a really great time, and I was even able to learn more about myself. When I tired on the Indian wrap it reminded me of a picture of my great, great, great, (etc.) aunt. She was from India too. The best parts were when we got to play with the toys, receive the coins, and the candy. I’ll never forget this experience, and thanks again. My coin will remind me of you always.– Student

I’ve seen your exhibit three years in a row at Wright Middle School. Now that I’m working at Bethune MS, where students have less opportunities to visit museums, your exhibit would be great!– Antonio Pierola, Assistant Principal, Bethune Middle School

Thank you so much for bringing your talent and passion to our school. I really appreciate that you would take the time to share these interesting artifacts and items with us. You made me realize that when we travel we get ideas and perspectives of different cultures. I really thought that the little painted shoes that twist your feet were really fascinating. I couldn’t believe the impact that it had on feet. I also liked the deer skin yo-yo’s. I thought that it was really creative that people use the resources around them to make toys and everyday items. I have the evil eye at home. My family believes that it scares off bad energy and negative karma. I also really liked the manacala game. I have that at home and we refer to it as an antique. I wall definitely try to get people to learn more about other cultures before judging them. If you look at it closely, we are all the same but in different ways. Thank you so much for taking your time to share your knowledge with us.– Student

Thank you so much for taking your time to come and inform us about all these fascinating customs from other countries. I thought the binding of the feet was extremely interesting and I never knew that people go through so much trouble to make themselves look beautiful. It’s amazing how different countries have such different interpretations of beauty. I also thought the evil eye was very interesting. My family actually has one of those blue eyes and they make me wear it. I never knew what it was about. I always thought we wore it just because it was pretty, but now I know there is a story behind it. I think it’s really cool that I can use what I learned from you and compare it to my own lifestyle. Once again, thank you very much.– Student

Just wanted you to know how important your work is and how grateful we are to have you bring Connecting Cultures to Palms Middle School. Every year we all look forward to see how you transform our library and to listen to your stories. You capture everyone’s imagination with each presentation. Thank you again for such a worthwhile program!– Bonnie Murrow, Principal, Palms Middle School

Thank you for bringing the Cultural Museum to our school. It was beautiful learning about other religions even though I am christian. But we the christian still follow the ten commandments like the Jews. I learned a lot about masks and music. Thank you once again.– Student

Thank you again for another magical presentation. I love how hands-on the exhibit is–I am constantly inspired by your enthusiasm, your knowledge and your delightful repartee with the students. I am going through my yearly Connecting Cultures withdrawal. The library will look so bare and dismal without your cultural enchantment.– Suzanne Osman, Librarian, Orville Wright Middle School

Thank you so much for sharing these fascinating things with us. I do really appreciate that you bring more and more interesting artifacts every year. I do understand that all these items are very valuable, and are all a piece of history which allows us to see what we’re studying. It is very thoughtful of you to share these items with us. I’m pretty sure we all learned something because I sure did, and I’m sure that the students that seen this appreciate it and more students to come will also appreciate it also. Thank you.– Student

[The students] see things that are important and meaningful to them and that makes them eager to learn.– Blair Carrol, Librarian, Millikan Middle School

Bounjour! My name is (removed) and I am a student from Millikan Middle School. I recently saw your traveling museum and I thought it was amazing! It brought the four corners of the earth together in one spot at school. It was so interesting to see clothes and toys and games and charms from all around the world. It was truly inspiring and I would love it if it had its own exhibit at a museum. My personal favorite were the good luck talismans and dolls. I have a small collection myself. I learned so much from the exhibit and I hope more people could see it.– Student, Millikan Middle School

It was certainly a pleasure to have you two come to Orville Wright Middle School. You did a great job at presenting the artifacts and making food. Yum! I thank you for bringing diverse cultures to our school and teaching us about different religions with stories between. The part I loved most and will never forget were the cool instruments you brought! I especially had fun with those, especially the drums. I can make a lot of racket with those! The big Japanese string instrument was awesome too. I saw one of those in a movie called “King Fu Hustle”. Once again, I thank you for bringing the museum to us! It was a great experience!– Student, Orville Wright Middle School