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Only with an understanding of the diversity in their world can students begin to see themselves as participants in a global community.



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I’m happy that you gave me the opportunity to see and touch things from other countries…Without this exhibit, we would not see things so unique…Students got the chance to see different cultures than their own…We all really appreciate the fact that you come to teach loud kids what is going on around the world, teaching us that the world is not black and white.
– Jasmine R., Student
Pio Pico Middle School

Our Vision

CCMM envisions societies that embrace and champion differences, creating cross-cultural empathy and cooperation.

Our Mission

CCMM inspires understanding and respect for cultural diversity by exploring global arts and artifacts.

With educational programming that enhances classroom curriculum and a comprehensive collection of more than 3,000 artifacts from more than 75 countries, CCMM encourages students to learn about the historic and contemporary customs of their own families, their classmates, and the world.

Connecting Cultures Mobile Museum Values



We believe that developing students’ respect for, and eventual acceptance of, members of their own community as well as the people of the world is vital to creating a just society. CCMM teaches lessons of tolerance and acceptance by acknowledging the legitimacy of all cultural practices within the world, emphasizing for students that the commonality of our wants and needs helps unite us despite our different approaches to living our lives.



We believe that increasing one’s knowledge of self promotes knowledge of others, as well as a greater individual sense of self-worth. As such, CCMM strives to cultivate students’ self-esteem by acknowledging and validating their own cultural experiences, while encouraging them to recognize and accept the cultures of others.



We believe that the educational process creates mindful and thoughtful individuals and inspires the pursuit of knowledge. CCMM is dedicated to exposing students to as many of the world’s cultures as possible, thereby empowering students to challenge limited world views that can lead to bias and misunderstanding. CCMM encourages students to use all of their senses and accommodates all types of learners, be they visual, auditory, or kinesthetic.


We believe that every student deserves equal access to education. With this in mind, CCMM serves students of all abilities, across racial, ethnic, religious, gender, and socioeconomic lines. Aware that many students’ worlds are circumscribed by the main streets of their neighborhoods, CCMM is committed to giving all students access to artifacts from international cultures with which they otherwise would not have contact.


We believe that to be active participants in the global community, students must be aware of the ways in which the people of the world are connected by the commonality of their individual human needs. Considering sustainability to be a global responsibility, CCMM encourages students to appreciate the variety of cultures and traditions in the world as a means to creating lasting understanding and cooperation.


We believe that it is the responsibility of all organizations serving the public to do so with integrity, using the guiding principles of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship to make all decisions. CCMM pursues our mission, respecting the needs of those we directly serve while remaining accountable to the public who supports our program and services. CCMM believes that by integrating our values into our actions, we will remain a sustainable organization.