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Every year, Connecting Cultures Mobile Museum reaches thousands of students with its messages of acceptance and tolerance. This year, nearly 20,000 students from across Los Angeles will participate in CCMM’s enriching museum experience with objects from around the world completely free of charge! Help make sure that even more students can benefit from CCMM’s unique and valuable program by donating one of the suggested gift amounts below.


Donate a Docent

CCMM’s docent-led presentation is a vital element of students’ educational experience. Our docents illustrate the commonalities among peoples through their representative artifacts, reinforcing in-school curricula and bringing learning to life.
$1,000 for an entire week
$200 for one day


Supply a Setup Tech

CCMM travels to the schools it serves with its traveling museum, and individually tailors the setup of its extensive collection of international artifacts for each room. Once an entire school has visited our in-school museum, our installation technicians remove the display and set it up at another school for more students.
$400 for one school
$100 for one day


Treat us to a Table

Because CCMM tailors its setup for every school it visits, CCMM requires additional tables to complete its display.

$55 for a large display table
$40 for a small display table


Share a Stand

CCMM displays its artifacts on display stands to guarantee easy visibility, both for while students are sitting and for when they stand to walk around.
$5 for a large display stand
$4 for a medium display stand
$3 for a small stand


Pitch in a Picture Holder

CCMM uses sign holders to display pictures of the artifacts being used in their real-world contexts, to give students a tangible reference for comparing cultural practices and objects.

$8 for a large picture holder
$5 for a small picture holder

Offer an Object

CCMM is always looking to expand our current collections and to acquire objects for future expansion, keeping an eye out for culturally representative artifacts. Your donation will be used to complete CCMM’s collections as necessary.

Donate a Doumbek

For $25 you can help us get musical instruments like this Doumbek drum used in the Middle East & North Africa.

Give a Candelabra

For $50 you can help grow our collection with items like a candelabra, used by different cultures worldwide.

Buy a Buddha

For $75 you can provide items like a buddha statue for students to understand the various aspects of the religion.

Supply a Sarafan

For $100 you can supply CCMM with items like a Sarafan, a traditional Russian folk costume worn by women and girls.


donateYour tax-deductible donation helps students see the world…without a passport.

Every donation helps provide an unparalleled cross-cultural experience, inspiring students to explore diversity and discover similarity.

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volunteerWant to be a part of the CCMM team? We’re looking for volunteers to help us install our exhibition, work with students, and more.

If you are a retired teacher, librarian, or just someone with a passion for world culture, get in touch to see how you can get involved.
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register2Interested in having CCMM bring a collection to your school?

Learn more about how we can bring this unique cross-cultural experience to your students. Please be aware that we do our best to work with as many schools as possible.

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I’ve seen your exhibit three years in a row at Wright Middle School. Now that I’m working at Bethune MS, where students have less opportunities to visit museums, your exhibit would be great!
– Antonio Pierola, Assistant Principal, Bethune Middle School