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A unique, hands-on experience that allows students to travel the world in their own schools.


Thank you for bringing artifacts from all around the world. All these wonderful artifacts really did play a big part in our learning in history. Instead of reading it in a textbook and seeing pictures, we really got to see it in real life.
– Summar N., Student
Orville Write Middle School

What is the Mobile Museum?

CCMM brings a unique cross-cultural museum experience directly into participating schools with a comprehensive collection of more than 3,000 international artifacts. CCMM encourages students to become familiar with both the historic and current customs of their own families, their classmates, and the world. Students need only walk down the hall to a museum-quality exhibition representing every human endeavor across ancient and modern times. No buses. No lost days of instruction.

Because no picture in a textbook can substitute for the experience of handling an object or viewing it in three dimensions, CCMM gives students an opportunity to hold a piece of history and world culture in their hands, serving to personalize and vivify what they have read in their textbooks.

What does the Museum contain?

CCMM’s ever-growing collection of artifacts from more than 75 countries across 6 continents spans cultures from all levels of development and all periods of time. From modern cities to indigenous villages and from contemporary countries to ancient civilizations, CCMM’s collection provides a unique educational experience that not only reflects students’ personal experiences, but their classroom learning as well.

Connecting Cultures Mobile Museum’s collection is divided into three discrete, thematic exhibitions and presentations: Commercial Connections, Spiritual Connections, and Everyday Connections. Each rotation boasts an assortment of artifacts equally as diverse as the complete collection. CCMM shows the three exhibitions in consecutive years so that by the end of their three years in middle school, students will have seen the entire collection.


donateYour tax-deductible donation helps students see the world…without a passport.Every donation helps provide an unparalleled cross-cultural experience, inspiring students to explore diversity and discover similarity.

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volunteerWant to be a part of the CCMM team? We’re looking for volunteers to help us install our exhibition, work with students, and more.

If you are a retired teacher, librarian, or just someone with a passion for world culture, get in touch to see how you can get involved.
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